7 Best horror video games that will blow your mind

Video Gaming Industry is going through a lot of changes these days. Now after the arrival of XBOX One X, lust for true 4K has been upsurged.


There is no doubt that quality of video games has been cultivated a lot. Gamers nowadays want to feel like they are actually present in a game. Games like Forza[...]

Top 7 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries of Universe

Mysteries of Universe are numberless. We can’t even term it as our universe as we don’t even know that if we only are here or some extraterrestrial beings are also there.  This massive universe is giving us new leads constantly putting the great mind of our society in thinking. There are[...]

7 Cool Tech Gadgets that will make Life Easier in 2017

Our young generation is gifted with a lot of cool tech gadgets and products. These same gadgets which seemed too good to be true few decades back are now giving our life utmost luxury and comfort in 2017.


These cool Tech Gadgets are making a serious impact on our lifestyle and making our life easier.[...]