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Top 7 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries of Universe

Mysteries of Universe are numberless. We can’t even term it as our universe as we don’t even know that if we only are here or some extraterrestrial beings are also there.  This massive universe is giving us new leads constantly putting the great mind of our society in thinking. There are[...]

Retrocausality - Future can affect past

Retrocausality Theory says Future Events can affect Past

Retrocausality - Future can affect past

As we know, Quantum Mechanics is the weirdest branch of Physics. And with the time passing, it is getting more weirder. Recent Experiments with the behaviour of time in the Quantum States has elevated the weirdness with the revival of Retrocausality.

Just keep Reading and you will come to know why Scientists[...]

space singularity

Naked Singularity could be the next big thing in Physics

From the day when great scientist Einstein proposed his general theory of Relativity, it is being used for better understanding of our universe. The predictions of Relativity were so accurate that we sometimes wonder why this was not the Noble Prize winning theory. It still has wide applications , from[...]