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11 Video Game Addiction Stories that caused Death


Video Games are one of the best ways to have fun while sitting on a couch.  And many of us pass our time playing our favorite games. Gaming for a limited amount of time is great for our mental health. But, some of us go out of proportion and get caught up with Video Game Addiction. Video Game Addiction[...]

How I Started Coding From Scratch -Beginners Guide

A middle-class boy who always had an interest in computers and all geeky kinds of stuff, but never be able to get all this information for him. Listening people talking about all of these coding stuff and get fascinated by their words was what all I got in my young age period. Yes, this is my story. How[...]


Jeff Bezos Surpasses Bill Gates to become the World’s Richest Man

updated on 1 August 10.25 Am(UTC)


Today on 1 August at 10.20 Am(UTC) Jeff Bezos has fallen down to third spot with Armancio Ortega coming to second spot with $84.5B comparing to Jeff Bezos $84.1B net worth. Bill Gates hold the first spot with $89.7B worth. 


As on 29 July at 4.30 Am(UTC) Bill Gates[...]

All latest news from San Diego Comic Con 2017

San Diego Comic Con 2017 is the biggest movies and TV shows convention in the world. Every year, we get to see new trailers and a sneak peek from our favorite Tv shows and Movies.


And so far, in the biggest comics convention, we witnessed some great trailers of movies and TV Shows. With surprises like[...]