Top 7 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries of Universe

Mysteries of Universe are numberless. We can’t even term it as our universe as we don’t even know that if we only are here or some extraterrestrial beings are also there.  This massive universe is giving us new leads constantly putting the great mind of our society in thinking. There are still a lot of mysteries of universe familiar to us which are still unsolved. Our scientists are working on these mysteries and are exploring new things every day. Getting through these mysteries will help us to understand our universe better.


So, Here is a list of Top 10 unsolved mysteries of Universe.

1. Multiverse or Meta-Universe

Multiverse - Mysteries of Universe
Source: Flickr

Theoretical physics said that our universe may not be the only one of a kind. Multiverse or meta-universe is a hypothetical set of possible universes, including our own universe. The idea says of bubbled universes. It points those different universes are contained in their distinct bubble with our universe in its own. In these other universes, the law of physics and even physical constants may differ. The structure and nature of different universes in multi verse depends upon specific multiverse theory considered. The different universes of the multiverse are termed as parallel universes. It may seem to be a fantasy thought but Physicists continue to debate the multiverse hypothesis. Some physicists argued that multiverse is a philosophical theory rather than a scientific hypothesis.

In 2010, scientists analyzed Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe(WMAP) data. They claimed to have evidence of our universe colliding with other universes in the past. But on a thorough analysis of data from WMAP and Planck satellite no evidence of such collision is found. Also, there is no evidence of gravitational pull by any other universes. This is one of the greatest mysteries. Physicists have mixed thoughts on this hypothesis and to get more details, we need to have high-tech instruments and devices. It’s still a question that can humanity ever be able to find an answer to this mystery.

2. Black Hole

black hole
Source: NASA

The black hole is one of the weirdest things in the universe. It is a region of spacetime which exhibits such strong gravity that even light can’t escape from it. They are formed when big stars collapse at the end of their life. They are around 100 million black holes in our universe. And still, we don’t know much about them. So, two interesting questions arise here.

  • What is inside a Black Hole?

    Every black hole contains an event horizon inside which physics goes crazy. It is believed that there exists a singularity inside a black hole. It is hypothesized to be the point of infinite gravity. But, classic physics breaks down here so we couldn’t tell much here. Another theory says that Black Hole could be a path to another universe with different reality. It further adds that black hole might work like a hypothetical wormhole to take us to another universe. It is possible that there could be a white hole on another end of the black hole.

    White hole and Black Hole
    Source: Symmetry Magazine
  • Another interesting fact about going into a black hole is that it splits the realities into two parts. One reality in which we are destroyed or stretched like noodle due to an insanely powerful gravity of a black hole. In other reality from viewer’s perspective, we would be frozen in time for forever.
  • Are we living inside a Blackhole?

    For the better understanding of this question, we need to go back to the beginning of time. When everything came into existence by a Big Bang. But how did Big Bang happen is the real question? How our universe came into existence out of nothing. There is a possibility that it actually happens inside a black hole. Because of its extreme environment, it would be ideal for the formation of the universe. So, there could be an infinite chain of universes inside black holes in which black hole is part of the big universe and so on.


3. Dark Matter and Energy

dark matter and energy composition - biggest mysteries of universe
Source: Science20

We know that our universe is expanding and that too at an accelerated rate. It was believed that expansion would slow down due to gravity. But, results from Hubble Telescope showed that universe expansion is actually accelerating. So, theorists came up with idea that our space is not actually empty, it is filled with an invisible fluid which has energy. It was called dark energy. After this, scientists came up with the composition of space which contains 68% dark energy, 27% dark matter, 5% normal matter.

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Dark matter doesn’t interact much with anything around it. It does not emit any kind of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. Even after so much research, scientists have not been able to detect dark matter. So, it is still a mystery that how dark matter does put an impact on our universe.

dark energy - biggest mysteries of the universe
Source: NASA

Dark matter could be termed as matter consisted of some hypothetical particles but we have no clue of dark energy. Science Mag wrote about a new research that says Total Energy of the Universe does not remain constant. In fact, it may gradually disappear due to the existence of dark energy. But, there is no clear explanation of how dark energy shatter the space mysteriously.

4. Mysteries of Moon

After coming into existence 4.5 billion years ago, Moon has been Earth’s only natural satellite. It is a largest natural satellite in solar system relative to the size of its primary planet. There are so many mysteries surrounding our moon.

  • Origin of Moon

    Ejected Ring Theory

    One of the biggest mystery of moon is its origin. There are two theories that are completely opposite to each other. One is ejected ring theory which states that earth collided with Mars sized planet and formed new earth with an orbital ring around it. Another one is capture theory which says Moon is not from our solar system. It got entrapped by the gravity of planets.

    Dark side of the moon
    Source: Wikipedia


  • The Dark Side of Moon

    MWe can never see the other side of the moon due to tidal forces of the earth. These forces have slowed down the moon’s rotation and caused the phenomenon called “tidal locking”. The weird thing about the dark side of the moon is the reportings of UFO’s sightings and Aliens. Many conspiracy theorists alleged that many Apollo astronauts have seen UFO’s there but were told to keep their mouth shut.

    Source: ScienceNews
  • Moon’s Magnetic Field

    Moon’s magnetic field has puzzled scientists for many years. Because our Moon is so small to create a magnetic field of its own. Now, scientists believe that it originated from the movement of fluids within the moon’s molten core. But, how and why it magically disappeared has not been solved yet. A report from The Guardian says that scientists are studying lunar rocks to find out the exact answer

5.Extraterrestrial Life – Aliens


Our universe consists of 200 billion to 2 trillion galaxies. And each Galaxy contains 100 billion stars. So, there has to be a planet like our earth where life can originate. We have discovered many Earth-like planets where life can propagate. There are limitless incidents of UFO  and alien sightings. There are reports that world leaders know that Alien exists and they have kept it a secret from us.

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One of the weirdest places in the USA is Area 51 which is often referred as UFO junction by conspiracy theorists. It is believed that many alien spacecraft remains have been kept in Area 51 to research and engineer the alien technology. Many videos can be Youtube claiming a leaked footage from alien aircraft from Area 51.

According to a recent report from,  a new study revealed that matter formed billions of miles away in other galaxies flew into the Milky Way, which helped life on Earth begin. Computer simulations revealed that massive explosions such as supernovas – when stars explode – shoved “extragalactic matter” out of one galaxy, across the universe before ending up in the Milky Way to help humans form.

If, you have ever seen a UFO or Alien in real life then report it on a MUFON.

6. The Beginning of Universe

big bang biggest mysteries of the universe
Source: Universe Today

One of the greatest mysteries of the universe is “How did our universe come to be?”. Fundamental theory or standard Big Bang model says that our universe was originated 13.7 billion years ago.It swells from a tiny particle as small as an electron to its current size in the fraction of seconds. Initially, there was only energy which made small atoms after some time. And then they coagulated to form stars and galaxies. It is the most agreed model of the origin of the universe and explains many things. But, the idea that universe undergoes rapid inflation does not add up with elements like the presence of dark energy and matter.

Ekpyrotic Universe Theory

According to this theory, Universe was born not just once, but multiple times in endless cycles of fiery death and rebirth. Enormous sheet-like “branes,” representing different parts of our universe, collide about once every trillion years, triggering Big Bang-like explosions that re-inject matter and energy into the universe. The scientists believe that their ekpyrotic, or “cyclic,” theory would explain not only inflation but other cosmic mysteries as well, including dark matter, dark energy as well. It would also explain that why our universe is expanding at an ever accelerating rate. The theory is controversial but it raises the possibility that the universe is ageless and self-renewing.

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With new discoveries and studies, Big Bang model flaws are enhancing and it needs some serious refinements. It could be possible that we never will be able to know how our universe begins. Or, we may be living in a computer simulation and every objects and character are just bits and bytes of information. Strange, isn’t it?

7. How will the universe end?

We all know that one day our universe is going to end. What we don’t know how that’s going to happen. There are several options for the universal apocalypse. It could be heat death, big crunch or big rip. The most prominent one is heat death of the universe which is favored by ever expanding the rate of the universe. But there is no conclusive evidence and hence all alterations are possible.

heat death of universe
  • Heat Death of the Universe

    The second law of Thermodynamics states that “The entropy of the universe is increasing”. According to this theory, there will a time when the universe goes to a state of maximum entropy in which everything is evenly distributed and there are no gradients—which are needed to sustain information processing, one form of which is life. There will be no temperature difference in the universe. So, nothing like Big Bang will ever happen again which contradicts ekpyrotic universe theory.

    Big Freeze

  •  Big Freeze

    The Big Freeze is a scenario under which continued expansion will result in a universe with absolute zero temperature. According to this theory, Stars will keep forming for about 10-100 trillion years, but eventually, the supply of gas needed for star formation will be exhausted. The stars will run out of fuel and they will cease to exist. Then, black holes will dominate the universe for several centuries. They will also disappear slowly due to the emission of Hawking radiation. Due to this, there will be a spontaneous drop in entropy after infinite time and nothing will left.

    Big rip Theory
  • Big Rip

    As we mentioned above that our universe is expanding at an ever accelerated rate. So, in this theory, time will come when the density of dark energy will become infinitesimally high.  It will cause the universe to expand at nearly infinite speed. As a result, all material objects in the universe, starting with galaxies and life of all forms no matter how small, will disintegrate into unbound elementary particles and radiation. It will result in a singularity due to infinite dark energy density and expansion rate.

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So, these were the Top 7 Biggest mysteries of Universe. Everyone knows about these mysteries but nobody know the real reason behind these. If you have any view or any of your perspective on these please tell in the comment section below. And if you like this, please do share it and tell the world about it.




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