11 Video Game Addiction Stories that caused Death


Video Games are one of the best ways to have fun while sitting on a couch.  And many of us pass our time playing our favorite games. Gaming for a limited amount of time is great for our mental health. But, some of us go out of proportion and get caught up with Video Game Addiction. Video Game Addiction has not been accepted as a real mental disorder by Psychiatrists. But, some stories prove it otherwise. These 13 Video Game Addiction Stories show us that when something gets too much, it results badly.

1.Boy Kills Himself for character of World of Warcraft 

elf world of warcraft

A young boy loved playing World of Warcraft. He was obsessed with a character named Elf in the game. He thought that only way of meeting Elf is to end his life. On December 27, 2004, he jumped off from the 24-story building. He played World of Warcraft for 36 hours straight before killing himself. It was believed that he was trying to portray the cutscene shown in the game. His parents sued Chinese game developers for their child’s death.

2. Teen killed his mother for playing Halo 3

halo 3

A guy named Daniel Petric was in love with Halo series. After the arrival of Halo 3, he wanted to play badly. But seeing a violent game in his home, his father didn’t allow him to play the game. After going through frustration for 1 month, he decided that he has had enough. He picked up his father’s gun from the lockbox. He shot his mother first who died in few seconds. And then he shot his father between eyes but somehow he survived after teen’s sister arrived with paramedics. Who could have known that Video Game Addiction can go to this much extreme?

3. Real girl died because of virtual girl 

prius online

This incident of Video Game Addiction took place in South Korea. A  couple becomes so obsessed with a video game that they completely neglected their new-born baby. The game they played was Prius Online. It involves raising a virtual child by following instructions in the game. They left their newborn baby alone home and went to Internet Cafe to play Prius Online. And after 12 hours of gaming, they returned home and found their child dead. The baby girl died of hunger and malnutrition. Seriously, these parents crossed all barriers of irresponsibility.

4. Mother kills child while playing a game on Facebook


This incident came out as some of the most disturbing cases in history. A mother named Alexandra Tobias used to play a game called Farmville on Facebook. It involves managing a virtual farm and was not at all violent. But, frustration came out from games can be a trigger for some persons to do unimaginable. Nobody would have thought that a mother could do this. After playing the game severely, Alexandra was consumed with frustration. She became so annoyed that she killed her child by slamming his head on a computer screen. She is currently serving 50 years in jail.

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5. A father left his twins for drowning

gameboy advance

This incident is similar to Virtual girl incident. A father named Gregg Kleinmark used to enjoy his time playing Gameboy Advance. But, Video Game Addiction can lead to faded mental awareness. And the father was going to learn this lesson the worst way. After being completely lost in the game for 30 minutes, he found his two twin kids drowned in the bathtub. He is currently serving 10 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

6.Man stabbed another man because of virtual sword

legends of mir 3

Qiu Chengwei was very active player of a pixellated game Legends of Mir 3. He was planning to sell his virtual sword in the game to someone. But he lost his shit when he found out that his friend Zhu Caoyuan already sold it to someone’s else. He was so angry that his friend even offered him the money for compensation. He didn’t agree and in midnight he stabbed Zhu Caoyuan in his stomach continuously till he bleeds to death. This list is continuously featuring Asian people, don’t know what it means. Maybe Asian developers have formed an art of creating addictive games.

7. A Game motivates man to commit suicide


There have been numerous of people committing suicides due to games. But, this was the most controversial, debated incident of all time. The incident spread like the flu and the whole world started blaming games for such incidents. A man named Shawn Woolley committed suicide on the day of Thanksgiving. Her mother blamed Sony’s online game Everquest for the suicide. She suspected the game has nudged the boy over the edge.

8. A Man burns himself to Death for not able to game

a burning man

Parents have utmost duty to check up on their kid’s mental health. Sometimes, kids found weird ways to cut themselves from all the difficulties of life. The most common solution they found is excessive gaming. While not everyone becomes this much addicted but there are some exceptions. A guy named Hseuh Jun-Chen was suffering from depression. His only companion was gaming. But, one day his father yelled at him badly and told him strictly to focus on studies and give up gaming. The angry and broken kid left home so his father began looking for him the next day. He found out a burnt body only little far from the house. It was Hseuh Jun-Chen. He spilled gasoline all over him and burned himself because of the thought that he will never be able to play games.

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9. A Man sat over his child and killed him

Video Game Addiction
Source: HuffingtonPost

This incident is both frightening and disheartening. On the occasion of Christmas Eve, James Dearman and his family were enjoying while playing games on a console. James told his kids to go to bed while he and his wife were gaming. On all of a sudden, James picked one of his children and sat over him while gaming. It was like he doesn’t know that his kids are living beings. After some time, he realized that he almost suffocated his kid to death. He called 911 but the kid died at the hospital.

10. Teen Burned his Classmate

World of Warcraft

This weird incident happened in Beijing’s High School. Have you heard about “split personality disorder“? The incident is firmly believed to happen because of child’s split personality. After playing World of Warcraft madly, this kid started to believe that he has become “Fire Maze”. One day, a bully was pissing him off. He angrily lashes out at him, took out his lighter and burned the bully. The madmen driven by World of Warcraft has been mentioned second times in this list. This shows how much addictive this game can be. A quick fact is that these kind of incidents driven by World of Warcraft are far more than combined of all games.

11. Man died after exhaustion due to 50 hours of Starcraft gameplay

Source: Pcmag

Today, the gaming world is going crazy about a record of longest gaming time. There have been many records like 17 days straight but they are made with proper diet and rest given. But this man was seriously a crazy egg. He continuously played Starcraft for 50 years till his heart failed. In his autopsy report, it was confirmed that man died of exhaustion.

So, these were the 11 Video Game Addiction Stories which resulted in deaths. There is no denying the fact that Video Games are the best way to have fun. But, when fun becomes the need, it could harm lives badly. You must be thinking that we’d never do that. But, when someone gets addicted, he or she don’t think of the consequences. Their brain constantly demands dopamine(a reward hormone) for survival. We can’t blame games for these incidents. They were not created for playing the whole day. So, try to limit your gaming hours. Set yourself a proper time to play and follow the schedule.




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