All latest news from San Diego Comic Con 2017

San Diego Comic Con 2017 is the biggest movies and TV shows convention in the world. Every year, we get to see new trailers and a sneak peek from our favorite Tv shows and Movies.


And so far, in the biggest comics convention, we witnessed some great trailers of movies and TV Shows. With surprises like “Outlander” and big guns like “Game of Thrones” new trailers, fans have gotten super excited.

Here are some of the notable movie’s Trailers released so far at San Diego Comic-Con 2017:

1: Thor Raganorak

The new trailer for Thor Raganorak has been released at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 on Saturday (approximately 3 hours before the writing of this post). The trailer is amazing and refreshing. This time, we will get to see Hulk, Loki, Tessa and Cate Blanchett in one movie which is very exciting. During a conversation, Chris Hemsworth (Thor) admitted that he got bored after playing this character five times. So they have changed his look (short hair) and no hammer. So, we will get to see a whole new Thor in this movie. The movie will hit theatres on 25 October 2017.

2:  Justice League


After critical acclaim and box office success of Wonder Woman, DC is ready to shatter Marvel in their own game. Diana a.k.a Wonder Woman has become a fan favourite since the release of her solo movie. It would be exciting the see the chemistry between her and Batman. The movie is highly anticipated and we hope that it would continue the legacy of Wonder Woman.

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3: Kingsman Golden Circle

Though the prequel Kingsman: Secret Service received mixed reviews from critics but was greatly applauded by fans. There were allegations and rumours about the sequel but it was looking highly unlikely. So, it came as a little surprise. If, you loved the British spy from the first movie, then you will surely love it. The movie will be first released on 21 September 2017 in Singapore.

Some notable TV Shows trailers released so far:

1: Westworld

The popular HBO science fiction hit has made it’s way into San Diego Comic Con 2017. First season of the Westworld was a critically acclaimed hit because of the depiction of the world and strong story plots. There were many shocking moments to keep the show interesting. We hope that this year too, they keep it original and give us more adrenaline rush.

2: Marvel: The Defenders

The one of the most anticipating TV shows of 2017 Marvel: The Defenders has also released a trailer in San Diego Comic Con 2017. The show features  Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist who first were not interested in fighting side by side. But, as we saw in trailer, after some dramatic sequences, they form a team to save the world.

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3: Fear the Walking Dead


The Post apocalyptic horror drama “Fear the Walking Dead” has also released a trailer in San Diego Comic Con 2017. The Showrunners have promised a water crises, stabbing in the eyes and many more brutal and saddistic scenes. It can be said that the show will keep increasing the wildness of the show for which it was loved in the first place.

4: Game of Thrones

The popularity of the show can be estimated by the report that during Season 7 premiere episode, the traffic ratings of the p*rn websites specifically p*rnhub decreased to year’s lowest. There is no denying the fact that this TV show is the most popular saga on earth.  The series is in final years given only 12 episodes from Season 6 and Season 7 are left to see. So, a great perfomance is expected from the show.


There are many other TV shows and Movies that released their trailers and sneak peeks but these were the most notable, popular and anticipated. So, the fall of this year is going to be more exciting with these shows and Movies. Let, us know in comments if you think some popular names are missing from the list.

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