How I Started Coding From Scratch -Beginners Guide

A middle-class boy who always had an interest in computers and all geeky kinds of stuff, but never be able to get all this information for him. Listening people talking about all of these coding stuff and get fascinated by their words was what all I got in my young age period. Yes, this is my story. How a non-techie learned coding from scratch.


How I started from HTML and make my way up to C /C++ and Java. Here I will show you a complete list and guide on How to learn coding from scratch in a simple and definite way. 

Everyone should know how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think – Steve Jobs

So, it all started with my introduction to HTML. In my tenth standard, first time I get introduced to HTML. As I said I was always fascinated by this geeky stuff. So when I first heard about HTML it responds to my attention. And it is the primary start which takes me from a fascinated boy to a real life coder.



Why You Must Learn HTML or CSS…

Now you must be thinking that why you should learn HTML or CSS when you can directly learn Java, C, C++ or other programming languages.

The answer lies here.

  • Better Understanding The Web

Yes. These lets you to understand the web you are roaming in a better way. Do you want to learn coding? But before this, you must have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The websites you open on the internet most preferably use HTML and CSS codes to design it. And if you want a better and deep knowledge of programming language likes C and C++, you must have some knowledge of HTML and CSS. They have easy codes and help you to learn the programming languages in a more focused way. It may seem you time-consuming but it will be really fun when you will be able to get real information and more important understanding of that information by checking the source code of that site web page.

  • It Can Help You in Future For Website Designing

HTML and CSS come in handy when you have to design a website preferably. But after all, you must need a website to get people know about you and your work. It is the way I think. So, for this, you must have a thorough knowledge of HTML and CSS. Even if you use WordPress, even then basic HTML/CSS will help to give a personal touch to your website. But, it all started with HTML.

  • Easy To Learn

This is the best part about these. These are easiest to learn languages as I already mentioned. And these also give you a better detail about further languages you are going to learn. HTML and CSS are not complicated and also help you to ease the complicity of programming languages.

These are the reasons for you to have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Now I gonna give you some tips to learn HTML/CSS quickly and efficiently.

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How to learn HTML and CSS Fast With Maximum Benefit 

Css and Html

1.Build Real Things

You get it right. Just by reading the codes and thinking that you have to get it all is not possible here. You must be practical here. It’s like mathematics and science. You can’t just understand without practicing. So, to increase your growth exponentially you must build some real stuff. It may seem you philosophical. But, believe it or not, practice makes a man perfect.


2.Prefer Exploring Internet For Quality Courses

Exploring the internet for quality content about HTML and CSS can help you a lot. Reading books and ebooks (paid one too) can ease your work very well. As you are getting this all information from this website, I will give you some of the best ebooks with a download link that will work well for you.

Free Ebooks

i.Front-End Developer Hand Book 2017 – Download link

ii.Learn To Code Advanced HTML & CSS. Develop & Style Websites – Read online

Paid Ebooks

i.HTML & CSS: Design and Build Web Sites – Buy link

ii.Learning Web Design – Buy link

Best Free Online Course : Code Academy’s HTML & CSS Basics 


3.Don’t Hesitate

Don’t hesitate for what, Right??? Yes, don’t hesitate to clear your doubts. Ask your mentor, your friend and everybody you know have knowledge about coding. Clearing your doubts really helps you to boost your growth while learning coding from scratch.

So just loose all the hesitation and start learning.

Now, as we have gone through starter pack lets come to the main course.



I am an engineering student and in almost all colleges basic programming knowledge is given to every branch of engineering. But in my college the scenario was different. The stream in which I was selected got nothing to do with programming in my college. So, I decided to learn to program on my own.

All of my friends who have young siblings who are going to college or high school – my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program –  Mark Zuckerberg

Like every other people, I start googling. It was taking a lot of my time. As I don’t know what I was looking for. I searched for keywords like “learn to program” or “learn coding from scratch”. And it got me all confused. Yes, it creates confusions. Well, you have to code by using the keys of your PC keyboard. Coding doesn’t start with directly googling. I will give you all the details in article further. First of all, you must have a brief knowledge of HTML and CSS which I had and it helped me also. That’s why I prefer you learning HTML and CSS. Though Python can also be used to begin Programming and so does the whole internet says. But, personally, I felt the need of basic coding skills. So, maybe you can find a better method to start but basic steps are same.



So, after I got in college, I started learning C and then consequently C++. These are the classical programming languages and combines the features of both high level and low-level languages. Learning C and then C++ is easy as there are only some differences in both of these. A broad and logical mind can easily relate these two languages to each other. C++ have some benefits over C but for the glory, you must start from basics.

Steps to learn C/C++

1.Get A Book

let us c

You need a book to start learning the coding better. Ebooks can be an option but in coding, you must perform some real examples to make you perfect. And in hard books, you get it in a better way.

  • I myself follow LET US C by Yashavant Kanetkar – Buy link .This book is easy to understand and give you all brief knowledge about C programming.
  • For advanced C programming –  A to Z of C by K. Joseph Wesley, R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah Is a great option – Download Link.  
  • A great Book For advanced C programming – Learn C The Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw  is also good – Buy Link.
  • For C++ ebook I preferred is – Structured Programming with C++ by Kjell Bäckman – Download Link.

These books will definitely help you have a great start.


2.Use Youtube Tutorials

Books are the most important asset for learning programming. But, when it comes to applying it. Like developing an app, software or embedding Game logic, books fall short. Youtube tutorials can be very helpful in problems with programming. They provide you with innovative ways you can use your programming skills. They can be proved really beneficial to you and can help you to grow exponentially. Using Youtube for such an information may prove as a boon to you.

Best Youtube Channels to learn Programming: TheNewBostonProgrammingKnowledge , TreeHouse


3.Use Forums For Your Problems

Sometimes we caught up with problems and errors which we can’t solve by referring to books or tutorials. Sometimes, it happens that your code seems right but doesn’t give required results. At that point, don’t freak out. This is the point where online forums come to rescue. Online forums can be proved very great for you. Real people will solve your problems and it will be really helpful. There are a lot of forums over the internet which are ready to solve your problems even if you are coding from scratch. Here are some links to some helpful forums over the internet. ‘



Java is not another programming language. It is the most popular programming language with over 9 million developers. A language which is a variant of C++ and has fewer facilities than C++. Then why it is so popular among developers?

There are many reasons why learning Java is worth it

1.Lots of Tools and Editability 

Java has a lot of tools to ease your work. You can do almost anything with the incredible toolset and rich API. Also, there are so many IDE’s  that you can not do any mistake. Java will immediately tell you about the error and offer some suggestions. This saves a lot of time if you don’t write full-proof code.

2.Job Opportunities

This old saying is rightly said, ” Turn your passion into a career “. There are a lot of jobs available for Java programmers. Many different IT/CS sectors acknowledge Java developers. So, you ever decide to earn living from programming. Java proves to be the most beneficiary.

3. Android Development

android development

So, you want to learn how to develop Android apps. All apps in Android are made with Java. So, if you are interested in Android development. You should definitely learn Java. Though you can create apps with C/C++ but Google discredits the use of these languages.

Some important books for learning Java


Ultimately, there are many methods to learn coding from scratch. You can start from basic coding like me. Or, you can directly jump to a language of your choice. But, make sure you never run out of patience. Coding is not a thing, you can learn overnight. It requires real hard work and patience. Not, everything on the internet can make you a coder. So better beware of the banners like ” Learn coding from scratch in 10 days “. If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is. So, stay motivated and work hard. And, you will definitely make your way up to the top.

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Vikrant is a tech geek and an avid gamer. He writes about technology and gaming here at TheSubvertus.

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