Game of thrones Season 7

How Game of Thrones became most popular saga on earth

Whether you love Game of Thrones or hate it, but you surely have heard of it. The most popular TV series “Game of Thrones” is premiering it’s seventh season on 16th July. A So with only few hours left for the premiere episode, we decided to tell you what were the reasons of critically acclaimed success and popularity of the show.

Reasons why Game of Thrones is obsessingly good

1: Super Complex Story Plots

For a ordinary viewer, watching “Game of Thrones” can become a hectic task due to complex story plots. There are so much twists and turns that many viewers lose counts of what had happened. Moreover, the show is flooded with characters. The series has introduced so much characters that it take too much time remember the name of every character. But, they still love the show and say they enjoy the complexity. This is the reason, many people watch Game of Thrones. They take it as puzzle to solve for the rest of the week. Also, Critics have always praised the wide scope of storytelling and complex plots of Game of Thrones.

2: Supreme Production Quality

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One of the reasons people love the show is the production quality. The costumes, environment, brutal war scenes and deadly creatures all look very real. From the Beginning, there has been significant increase in production and art design. The screenplay of the series is as good as a full featured movie. In the Upcoming Season as well , we can expect a more realistic environment and epic fights.

3: Psychological Attraction

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Believe me, the show attracts you once you start watching it. Throughout the  show, you see villains rising and killing the humanity. The viewers keep watching the show hoping that bad guys get punished. The Game of Thrones leaves us at a cliffhanger at every end of the episode. This force the people to watch the next episode as soon as it airs. Also, there is curiosity among people that what will happen next. They research every bit of the show , read novels and come up with so called “fan theories”.  That’s why the novel “The Song of Ice and Fire” remained topseller for months.

4: Unpredictibility

Game of thrones Season 7 -4

The best thing about “Game of Thrones” is it’s unpredictibility. People from all over the world come up with brilliant theories about certain events of the show. But, in the end, it just shock us with reveal of the mystery. No matter, how hard you try, you can’t just guess what is going to happen. The twist are handled so well that you never feel that it is overly done. With the end of every Season, you see many characters dying and you jaw remained open till the credits roll. That’s the beauty of Game of Thrones, you don’t need to love flying bastards and saddistic fighting. There are many Characters (hell many) to invest your time into. First, you say why they are showing us this character’s plot. But, your mouth is filled with smile when ypu see all character’s plot converging into one big finale with elegant finish.

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What is Season 7 bringing us?

Less number of Episodes

It is confirmed that this time Series will contain 7 Episodes and not 10. While, this could be disppointing for the fans but thay have asssured fans that Quality will be better than ever. Also with every Episode average length is close to 63 minutes, Total Season length will be around 7 hours and 20 minutes. Also, Season 7 Finale will be longest running episode ever of the series amounting to about 84 minutes. Showrunners have also said that next season, we will see only 6 Episodes. Don’t get disappointed, though. According to the reports, next season,  every episode will run for 80 minutes.

Finally ,Winter has came

We were made aware that winter is coming from the very first episode. And After long Six Seasons (about 60 hours ), winter has finally came in Game of Thrones. That’s why the show schedule was shifted to Summer instead of Spring . Head of HBO Programming Casey Bloys said ““Instead of the show’s traditional spring debut, we’re moving the debut to summer to accommodate the shooting schedule.”

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Stay tuned for more news related to Game of Thrones. We will soon return with Episode 1 Review of Season 7. If, you have any theory, feel free to comment in the section below:..:)

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