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7 Best Video Games of 2017 so far

The first half of the year 2017 is about to end and the gaming industry has come with a lot of video games till now. Games of almost every genre have been released this year and many of them had pleased us(gamers) a lot…

So if you had missed any of these latest and great video games, here is a quick list of best games of 2017 so far. You need to play these games if you are a real gamer!!

There is no number one or last in the list. So the list goes like this…

1: A lot of Superhero action in “INJUSTICE 2”


A game developed by NetherRealm Studios has a lot of fighting stuff in it. Sequel of game 2013 Injustice: Gods Among Us NetherRealm game INJUSTICE 2 make a great effect among gamers in this gaming era. Great Graphics and great work being done by the NetherRealm. From the power of Superman to the Darkness of the Joker, all are very impressive leading gamers enjoying it a lot. All superheroes including some unlockables with their superpowers are making the game more gamers friendly. If you had missed the fun of this game go and get it… It’s time worthy.

Well, this game is not for PC gamers as it is only available on XBOX ONE and PS4 platforms. Though this game is also available for Android and IOS.

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2: A Sense of Horror in “OUTLAST 2”


A horror game in which you can’t kill, all you can do is run, hide and survive as the game itself says. We as Blake Langermann with his wife Lynn roams the Arizona Desert to explore the murder of a pregnant woman. Blake and Lynn get separated in a helicopter crash. Blake has to find his wife while traveling through a village inhabited by a sect that believes the end of days is upon them. The game has received positive reviews and we can say that it’s really terrifying. It’s really enjoyable even in some game scenarios, you have to wait for more than normal. It’s a complete package and if you are a gamer you must like to give a damn to it. This game is available on PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, MICROSOFT WINDOWS, MACINTOSH Operating Systems.

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3: Little Bit More Terrifying Horror, Yeah its “RESIDENT EVIL 7: BIOHAZARD”

One of the best game of 2017 till now Resident Evil 7 is a survival horror video game developed and published by CAPCOM. In this game, the player controls ETHAN WINTERS from a first person view who fight against the Baker family, and a humanoid form of bacteria known as MOLDED with a variety of different weapons including shotguns, handguns, explosives, chainsaws and flame throwers. In various scenarios of the game, the player spent their time pursued by Baker family members, who if engaged in combat can be incapacitated temporarily. So if you have not played this game and want some terrifying thrill, play it…

It is available for MICROSOFT WINDOWS, PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE.

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4: Some of the sci-fi stuff in “THE SURGE”

A science fiction action role playing game developed by Deck13 Interactive has influenced the gamers a lot. Though this game has got mixed reviews, as a total this game is really enjoyable. In it you as a player use exoskeletons to fight against enemies. The combat system is good. It allows players to target different parts of enemies, as well as utilize finishing moves often ending in dismemberment in bullet time fashion. The developers of the game say, the game paints a grim portrait of the future where the evolution of technology in relation to society and the environment has led to a decadent era for humanity. So if you are sci fi lover and had missed this game, you must play it now.

It is available on MICROSOFT WINDOWS, PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE.

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5: An Open World Adventure in “THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD”

Critics universally acclaimed Breath of the Wild upon its release, quickly considered it a masterpiece and one of the greatest video games of all time. The game has won a lot of awards and for gamers, this is just awesome. Players are able to freely explore Hyrule, with actions such as running, climbing, swimming, and gliding with a paraglider using up stamina. Also scattered across the overworld are various small puzzles that reveal the hiding places of Koroks. Solving these puzzles earns Korok Seeds, which can be traded in to expand inventory size for weapons, shields, and bows. So if you have missed this game(you must be sleeping then), go get it and play it gamers.

This game available on platforms NINTENDO SWITCH and Wii U.

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6: A Different Timeline in “THE PREY”

A first person shooter role playing game Prey takes place in an alternate timeline where United States President John F. Kennedy survives his attempted assassination in 1963. The failed assassination catalyzes Kennedy to direct more funding to the space program, allowing it to flourish and accelerating the Space Race. The player takes the role of Morgan Yu, a human aboard a space station with numerous species of hostile aliens known collectively as the Typhon. The story of the game is impressive, tempting us to play it but the combat system is a bit low. But as a complete package this game is great and deserves your time.

It is available for MICROSOFT WINDOWS, PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE platforms.

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7: A lot of HACK AND SLASH Fighting in “FOR HONOR”

For Honor is an action fighting video game set during a medieval period inspired fantasy setting published by UBISOFT. As a player, you can play as a character from three different factions, namely The Legion, The Chosen, and The Warborn. The three factions represent Knights, Samurai, and Vikings. This game has received favorable reviews and as a gamer, you must play this game.

This game is released on MICROSOFT WINDOWS, PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE platforms.


Vikrant is a tech geek and an avid gamer. He writes about technology and gaming here at TheSubvertus.

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    Great content admin.

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    Great content! I just wonder how OUTLAST 2 got the second position in top games of 2017. This is rally amazing.

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    Critics universally acclaimed Breath of the Wild upon its release, quickly considered it a masterpiece and one of the greatest video games of all time. Visit our blog for more interesting games.

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