6 Amazing Technologies that will change the world

6 Amazing Technologies that will change the world

Technology is advancing rapidly in this super-fast era of mankind. It is not easy to predict that these technologies will prove beneficial to the society and which not. Not every technology will play a significant role in shaping the future of mankind.

6 Amazing Technologies that will change the world

We bring you 6 amazing technologies which will change the world in the upcoming decades. Most of them are well known but recent researches have shown new dimensions of these technologies.

1: Synthetic Food

The Research for creating Synthetic Food started several years ago. Now what was once said is getting more clearer that “The Future of Food is Synthetic”. Food Tech Companies like Clara Food are very optimistic that one day they will be selling artificial(synthetic) food. The art of duplicating molecular structure to create food will be one day our future. Like creating a Wine without apple, yeast, and fermentation. And No, we aren’t going to eat pills instead of real food. Scientists are researching on cloning the real food so that it would look and taste like real.

Though, bringing this high tech to dinner plates is not easy. I mean, who would want to eat a lab created big belly burger even if it has the same taste. But looking at statistics, we found that the whole world consumes about 287 billion kgs of meat every day. And these numbers too are increasing. And the growth of fishes, chickens, pigs is not enough to accommodate the consumption rate. So, there will be a time when we will start eating lab made synthetic food without even wanting it. Other foods will also be replaced due to deterioration of the quality of soil, population and many other reasons.

There are many steps being taken to avoid the situation where we would have to eat synthetic food. But, these measures can only slow down the process and wouldn’t be able to completely rectify the problem. It can sound crazy but Synthetic Food is going to play a prominent role in shaping our mankind.

2: Artificial Intelligence and Brain Hacking

Brain Hacking

This list can’t be completed without listing Artificial Intelligence. When we talk about the world changing technology, AI is first that comes to mind. The technology which was once the Science Fiction now has become a science fact. Recent changes in Algorithm of Google which claims that bots will automatically identify quality content are the results of AI. Also Recently, a news came to light that Researchers at the Facebook AI Research Lab (FAIR) found that their Artificial Intelligence Engine starts creating its own language. Soon after they found it, they shut down the engine.

So, yes there are significant concerns as to what impact AI could have on human kind. Will it effectively make humans obsolete and take all our jobs? Will it turn into a villain and kill us all? There is too much work to do in this field and that could be shown by a conversation with a virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa.

Now, Brain Hacking has a direct connection with AI and will be possible if AI became really advanced. Okay, as soon as you start saying that it is too good to be true. Let me remind you that it is the case with every futuristic technology. How cool it will be that if you could communicate with others by just thinking (telepathy) or swipe your memories like pictures on Fb or Insta. Or chip is implanted in your brain which can make you learn anything at the drop of hat. Many companies like Elon Musk newly founded company Neuralink, Kernel, Muse or even Facebook are currently working on bending your mind with machines, chips or even pills.

Still in the Early stage of developments, But surely the stage has been set for our transition to Cyborg (Advanced Machine Hybrid Humans).


3: VR / AR and MR

Virtual reality amazing technologies
Credit: Engadget.com

It seems like we have a variety of realities these days. The virtual reality is a technology which is leading us to the future, whether it is Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality. Virtual reality (VR) uses VR headsets, sometimes in combination with physical work, to generate realistic images, sounds, and other sensations. It stimulates a user’s physical presence in an imaginary environment. Augmented Reality is different, it changes or enhances the live view with computer sensors and imagery. Mixed Reality is a hybrid reality which merges both physical and virtual world. It is neither real world nor entirely virtual.

VR isn’t just going to be used in gaming, it will become a gadget that would help people all over the world. The technology will open the new doors to explore the world right from your couch. You can use Google Earth VR to fly in the sky, jump from Mount Everest and even go into a black hole. The education will become engaging and interactive.

It will help students to enjoy studying academics. It would provide practical knowledge which is a ghost in today’s education system Medical students can learn surgical operations hands-on with VR technology. Overall, the quality of living will be improved with VR and it will change our world.

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4: Quantum Computers

Quantum computers amazing technology that will change the world

There has been a lot of whisper about Quantum Computing and still after years of researching it has not come into existence. These are still Hypothetical. Its main basis is that quantum computers don’t work in bits like classical computers, It works on quantum bits also called qubits. There is a classical example to explain quantum computers called “Schrödinger’s cat” in which cat can dead or alive at the same time. Similarly, unlike classical computers which can take a value of 1 or 0. Quantum Computers can have both values at the same time.

Quantum Computers are created by storing the semiconductor parts at just above absolute zero. Creating such conditions requires highly powerful equipment and the cost is sky high. But there is a bigger problem of surpassing the theoretical threshold of quantum computers. There are several applications for which a quantum computer could be used. The one that is most eminent is that quantum computers will be able to read secret messages communicated over the internet using the current technologies. Recently, An international research team successfully created and tested a record-breaking quantum supercomputer.( Reported by Edgy Labs) Google also is working on a 49-qubit 14-meter machine using superconducting circuits.

Quantum Computers will prove useful for scientists for conducting virtual experiments. These can be used to model quantum systems (called quantum simulation) which otherwise is not possible with classical computers. We could simulate the behavior of atoms and particles at unusual conditions found in particle accelerators as well. And this could be done without actually creating those conditions. We can study chemical reactions because these are also quantum processes.

Quantum computers can also be used to search a large amount of data in a fraction of seconds. It can compute billion of operations in a matter of time. All of this will be possible with the use of Quantum Computers. Scientists are dead sure that Quantum Computers would make a huge impact on our future.

5: 3D Printing

3D Printing Amazing Technolgies

3D Printing has been a useful way of producing prototypes for final products. Because changes can be easily made by tweaking a 3D printer’s software than by resetting lots of tools in a factory. That means the technology is ideal for low-volume production, such as turning out craft items like jewelry, or for customising products, such as prosthetics. Dental crowns and hearing-aid buds are already being made by the million with 3D printers. But the complexity, slowness and high price fade out its advantages.

But, some of the new methods of 3D printing now emerging show that its shortcomings can be vanquished. A new technique called bound-metal deposition has the potential to change the economics of metal printing. It can build objects at a rate of 500 cubic inches an hour, compared with 1-2 cubic inches using a laser-based metal printer. According to Jason Chuen of the University of Melbourne, 3D printing technology is going to transform medicine. Whether it is patient-specific surgical models, custom-made prosthetics, personalized on-demand medicines, or even 3D printed human tissue.

6: Miniature Robots


Minature Robots - Amazing Technologies

Researchers are developing micro- and nanoscale robots that move freely in the body. They communicate with each other, perform jobs, and degrade when their mission is complete. These tiny robots will someday “have a major impact” on disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. In future, these tiny robots will perform surgery. They’ll cooperate via swarm intelligence. They will be designed to destroy themselves after completing the mission which will avert E-Waste.

One example can be taken from Stanford University whose engineers have created miniature robots named “MicroTugs”. It is capable of pulling and lifting objects more than 100 times their own weight. The strongest of the bots weighs just 12 grams but can pull objects 2,000 times heavier than itself. This kind of robots will fly like birds all over the world to clean up pollution. On a serious note, these Robots will revolutionize our lives and will do anything which even human hands can’t do.

So, these were the 6 Amazing Technologies that will change the world. If you liked this article or found it helpful, then please do share it with your friends. If you have any thoughts,  write them up in the comment section. 🙂

Disclaimer: This is the updated version of the article published on 2 July 2017.



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