Transformers : The Last Knight Review

The 5th installment of Transformers series has been released this Wednesday and its not worth applauding. It is Released on 21 June in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D by paramount pictures. The movie is getting all negative reviews from critics and viewers.

Like all its predecessors transformers movies Bay’s got good robots (autobots) fighting against the bad one’s(Decepticons) and taking our two hours twenty-eight minutes. Complexity and hard to follow plot make it feels like spending double the time watching it.

Its starts with back in time of King Arthur. Here we see powerful staff given to the magician Merlin by a Cybertronian Knight. That staff is now the key to saving the Transformer’s home planet of Cybertron. In the present time, Optimus Prime is corrupted by his maker, the sorceress Quintessa. It is all done to damage the Earth so that their own damaged planet of Cybertron can be revived. On the other side, Cade Yeager(Mark Wahlberg) and his Autobots are hiding from the international forces. They are tasked to destroy them. Cade Yeager seems to be totally confused with every situation he is presented with in whole movie.

One of the highlights is Anthony Hopkins talking on about robots as historian and astronomer Sir Edmund Burton. Hearing an Oscar-winning actor and actual British Knight talking in-depth Autobot lore was genuinely quite funny, whether intentional or not.

One of the main issues with the characters in The Last Knight is that they don’t just act the way they’re feeling. They announce almost every single mood they have out loud despite it being obvious. When Stanley Tucci shows up three sheets to the wind, it’s not enough that he’s swerving from side to side on his horse, but he literally exclaims “I’m sozzled!” as if it wasn’t glaringly apparent. It’s as though Bay doesn’t trust his audience enough to let them work out even the most obvious things for themselves – giving the film’s obscene length making us feel bored and counting our time and money.

As if the main storyline was not complex enough, we also get side stories about Izabella, a 14-year old orphan kid; Jimmy, Cade’s cowardly assistant; Seymour Simmons hiding out in Cuba; Colonel William Lennox and his new assignment; and the various antics of the surviving Autobots (like Bumblebee, Hound, Drift, Crosshairs, Hotrod, plus Grimlock and other Dinobots) and the Decepticons (like Onslaught, Mohawk, Nitro Zeus, Dreadbot).

This whole transformers movie was one big mash-up, with trash-talking robots snapping heads off each other, snazzy sports cars and trucks, soldiers and military combat operations, medieval knights on horses with swords, and non-stop explosions, explosions and more explosions. The leading man gets to show off his abs during a nonsensically rapid outfit changes in three succeeding scenes as well as get a kiss on the lips from a much-younger woman with a British accent and body-hugging black dress.

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This is all about this movie. It feels like spending much more than two hours twenty-eight minutes in dark room. In some part whole story is left untold and whereas in some other you are even introduced with actors mood and that was just not understandable.

So overall, this installment of transformers is long enough to please die-hard fans and exhaust everybody else….


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