Project Scorpio – XBOX One X “Most Powerful but can it be most Profitable

Microsoft finally revealed their “Project Scorpio” and console is named XBox One X. It is till now the most powerful gaming console. XBox One X is cloaked with 8-core Custom AMD CPU and packs 12 GB GDDR5 graphic memory. It has 6 Teraflop GPU with 360 GBps memory bandwidth. They claim it to be 40% more powerful than any other console(which certainly means PS4 pro) and looks true as per the tech specs. When we test out the console , it feels amazing. You can see very finer details and visual in true 4K . Yes, True 4K not even PS4 Pro displays True 4K. But here is the thing that many of the casual gamers or even hardcore gamers couldn’t even differentiate between the quality of two consoles.

Going Inside:

Also , it is priced at 499$ which is too much for a console even for the most powerful console. Many of us will prefer PS4 Pro as it saves 100$ and there is not much quality difference. And also Microsoft can’t make people buy their console by bragging about the power and visual quality. There is a threshold for our eye and it doesn’t matter that it is true 4K or whatever 6K , our eyes will not see the difference.

Now the biggest question is “who will buy XBOX ONE X ?”. Well that depends on the games graphics quality in near future whether they want to make it look more visually powerful or they are satisfied with current visual quality. But surely , XBOX ONE X has given developers a chance to go beyond with the graphics. Microsoft itself is coming up with new games with immersive visual quality . Games like Forza Motosport 7, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of thieves are most notable.

We tested Forza Motosport 7 in XBOX ONE X and we were stunned with the experience. Everything, cars, environment, race track looks more real and even rain was shown pretty cool. It looks like we are rapidly changing in field of technology and days are not far where all that weirdy sci-fi stuff becomes real. We truly hope(unbiased) that with XBOX ONE X , Microsoft will able to outshine or atleast loosen the grip which Sony PS4 has right now in the console market. It will inspire other game developers also to evolve their graphics and turned this into a “Platinum Era Of Gaming”. (Platinum and not Gold because Golden has become Old though Old is Gold)….

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