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Naked Singularity could be the next big thing in Physics

From the day when great scientist Einstein proposed his general theory of Relativity, it is being used for better understanding of our universe. The predictions of Relativity were so accurate that we sometimes wonder why this was not the Noble Prize winning theory. It still has wide applications , from estimating the age of stars to using GPS for navigation all is made possible due to general theory of relativity.But what about singularity.

But the theory is not full proof and breaks down at a point called “singularity”. Singularity is a point or a place where gravity, space, time , laws of physics everything breaks down. It is an end point of a Black Hole and after that point nobody knows what happens. Is it a another parallel universe? or a white hole to travel space quickly and thus acting as a shortcut, Nobody knows. But with the latest research, scientists have created a “naked singularity” in first time by using computer simulations. It (Naked Singularity) means that it is not bounded or shelled by an event horizon which scientists used to thought in the first place. They proposed that due to “cosmic censorship conjecture” , singularities will always be hidden. But, this new research could undermine general relativity.

Although, last year two Cambridge PhD. students predicted “naked singularity” before but they used a five dimensional Universe. The new research has predicted the existence of a naked singularity in a four-dimensional universe. Three spatial dimensions, plus time for the first time.

The research says that singularity can be seen or be naked in a different shape of universe which is in form a saddle. Relativity told us that universe can have many shapes and saddle-shape is one of the possible shapes universe can take.


Scientists also said of involving quantum gravity which will provide a new perspective on naked singularities. While , there is still too much for scientists to explore in this area but chances are high that we will soon unravel the deepest secret of the universe.

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