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Everything we know about Far Cry 5

FAR CRY 5 the upcoming successor of FAR CRY 4 which was already a great success in gaming industry is
all set to release as officialy announced by UBISOFT. It was a great surprise when in 2016 in place of
fifth part UBISOFT brought the stone age spin off FAR CRY:PRIMAL but another modern adventure is on
the way and will hit your gaming portals in 2018.

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Further in this article we will give u all FAR CRY 5 news and rumours out there icncluding release date,
price and platforms.

FAR CRY 5 is going to be a open world action adventure first person shooter game like its predecessors
of FAR CRY series. It is going to be released for PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One with support for
Play Station 4 Pro and Project Scorpio.For Play Station 4 players free skin packs will be available
at launch due to marketing deal between SONY INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT and UBISOFT.

After the release of FAR CRY 3 in November 2012 and FAR CRY 4 in November 2014, we all are expecting FAR CRY 5
in November 2016. But by releasing FAR CRY:PRIMAL in Februray 2016 the stone age spin-off company kills all
hopes of releasing any further part of series in November 2016. But fifth part of the FAR CRY series is ready to
enter gaming industry on 27 FEBRURAY 2018.
FAR CRY 5 announcement was made by the UBISOFT during the company’s financial call, alongside two other major
titles, THE CREW 2 and an unnamed ASSASSIN’S CREED game, which are also scheduled to be released in 2017 or beyond.


FAR CRY 5 features a new character creator, in which players can customize their character’s appearance ,gender
and skin tone making the game more user friendly. The game will place a renowned emphasis on close-quarters combat
compared to its previous FAR CRY titles due to introduction of a wider range of meele weapons like pitch forks,
sledge hammers and basketball bats. A variety of gadgets and weapons are there such as shotguns, pistols,rocket
launchers,bows and exlosives to fight against enemies.

Like its predecessors player can roam the world on foot or can control various vehicles like cars,boats and plains. On and on, the game features a recruitment system, in  which player can recruit the locals from the country to fight alongside them like the buddy system in
FAR CRY 2. In this GUNS FOR HIRE system, player need to convince other locals to join his cause and every companion
person has his own abilities and skills.

Like in FAR CRY PRIMAL player can also tame animals. These tamed animals  will then help the player in combat and will follow his orders. Different tamed animals will have different combat  orders. The game also feauters a map editor whose features have been expanded from previous titles. Game’s campaign  mode can be played individually or with the partner with games multiplayer mode. FAR CRY 5 pits you against  JOSEPH,the bearded figure like Jesus in teaser image realeased by the UBISOFT prior to reveal.JOSEPH is a leader
of DOOMSDAY cult called ‘Projects at Eden’s Gate’ and has swathes of underlings to help him carry out his work,
along with other cult leaders who all happen to be members of his family. Three of your main allies in FAR CRY 5
are MARY MAY,an owner of a tavern who knows a thing or two about moltov cocktails along with NICK RYE,a pilot
that attached a galting gun to his plane and the third one,PASTOR JEROME JEFFRIES,a clergymen armed to teeth
and ready to fight for the right.

All the rumours about and official trailer of FAR CRY 5 is pointing that the game is set in the US Western State
MONTANA. Coming upto development team of game, the game is being developed by UBISOFT MONTREAL.The game will continue to
use the DUNIA ENGINE,the modified version of the CRY ENGINE which the far cry series has used for several titles.
To create a realastic enviornment,the development team visited MONTANA for fourteen days to collected information
regarding its biomes,enviornment and the SELF DEPENDENT nature of the locals,who do not want any outsider in their life.

NOW, about FAR CRY 5 editions.

Heading upto rumours, it is likely that FAR CRY 5 will release in THREE Editions.

FAR CRY 5 Standard Edition: Name’s suggesting, its just the game.Pre ordering gets you the DOOMSDAY PREPPER PACK which includes
the Prepper outfit,gunand vehicle skin plus additional consumables.

FAR CRY 5 DELUXE EDITION: Game,Cosmetic items(Big Game Hunter Pack,Ace Pilot Pack,Chaos Pack,Explosive Pack),Hope Country Map
and OST.

FAR CRY 5 GOLD EDITION: Contents same as DELUXE EDITION with the FAR CRY 5 Season Pack and a Steelbook.



The prices for differnet editions are likely to be as follows…

FAR CRY 5 Standard Edition: Priced at $60.

Deluxe Edition: Priced at $70.

FAR CRY 5 Gold Edition: Priced at $100.


SO,This is all the data we have regarding FAR CRY 5……
Wait For this one of the most anticipated game is going to end in 27 Feb 2018 as mentioned already.


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