Assassin’s Creed: Origins Story details, Combat System, Editions Details and More

Updated on: 30 July 2017

ASSASSIN’S CREED:ORIGINS one of the most anticipating games of 2017 as we had listed in one of our article is ready to release on 27 OCTOBER, 2017. UBISOFT has officially announced about its upcoming action adventure stealth adventure game which is a third person perspective game like its predecessors. It is going to be TENTH major installement in the ASSASSIN’S CREED series and the successor to ASSASSIN’S CREED SYNDICATE which was released on 23 OCTOBER, 2015. The franchise which have been releasing a new ASSASSIN’S CREED every year from nearly a decade, took a year off in 2016 to make most of it’s new game and is now ready to release it as officially announced in E3. It will be available for PC, XBOX ONE and PC platforms.

All Details about the game 


This time we are going to explore ancient EGYPT. As shown by the official trailer of ASSASSIN’S CREED:ORIGINS there are lot of ancient pyramids and ancient artifacts to explore for. Both ASSASSIN’S CREED UNITY and ASSASSIN’S CREED SYNDICATE was set in EUROPE but this time we are going back to 47 B.C. in ancient EGYPT as mentioned above. And then like ASSASSIN’S CREEED BLACK FLAG we are not only bounded to lands, but we can also traval by ships and there will be full scale battles of ships(naval battles) as well. Can also go in the seas to explore treasures sunken deep inside it.


Like all the games in series we are doing typical assassin thing, of course, but its a bigger world and lot to explore and crocodiles to avoid. We play as BAYEK, one of the first assassin’s. An EGYPTIAN warriorr and sheriff who practices his own justice, just like all other protagonist in the series so far. A third person view playable game which can be navigated on foot, horseback or boat. ASSASSIN’S CREED:ORIGINS will not feature any multiplayer mode.

Check Official gameplay trailer:


Like its predecessors, there will be no towers. In it place there will be a pet eagle, named SENU who can scout map from anywhere but having a distance limit from the center protagonist adding an extra layer of strategy and planning to missions. So now there will be no tower climbing and then diving into the near shrub. You have got a new pet, an eagle companion for this.

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In this one enemies are smarter and will use better tactics to nullify you. Our attacks are now separated into light and heavy. Attacks will be more reaction based in ASSASSIN’S CREED:ORIGINS. BAYEK can wield hand to hand as well as bows, as shown in trailer and when shooting an arrow sometimes player can see the arrow in slow motion, first person view towards his target. This features allows player to shoot in mid air before landing making him aim before landing for well timed execution of arrow strikes.

This is for the first time in ASSASSIN’S CREED series player will have hothands against mighty bosses(though not mighty for everyone) which make player to use full power and range of BAYEK’S ability and fighting abilities. Also it make players to use certain and innovative strategies to make progress in game. Also player can have more than just weapons in their inventory by crafting different weapons by looy pickups.

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First of all anyone who pre-orders any version of ASSASSIN’S CREED:ORIGINS, including the standard edition will receive bonus mission SECRET OF THE PYRAMIDS. The Standard Edition of game is priced at $59.99.

assassin's creed

Now the special editions of ASSASSIN’S CREED:ORIGINS


Getting this edition will give you the following:

Desert cobra pack: .Desert cobra outfit .Fangs horse companion .Legendary snake shield

Ambush sea mission

Weapons .Eye of Apep .Fang sickle sword

Three ability point


To get these privileges you have to add on ten bucks on standard edition leading to a sum of $69.99.


Ordering this one will add up these:

Everything of the Deluxe Edition

Season Pass


To get this edition you have to spend a little more, a sum of $99.99.


Buying this will give you these:

Everything from Deluxe and Gold Edition



It is priced at $109.99. It is basically the Gold Edition, but you will gat a cool steelbook with it. This is not available for PC.


Buy this and get the following:

Everything from the Deluxe Edition


Art Book

Packaged in Collectible Box

Game’s Official Soundtrack

10.2″ BAYEK Figurine


you have to spend $119.99 to get this Edition. This is not available for PC.


This one include these:

Everything from the Gold Steelbook Edition

Season Pass


Game’s Official Soundtrack

Art Cards

Art Book

Packaged in white Collectible Box

14.5″ BAYEK Figurine

BAYEK Eagle Amulet


This one has a pretty price of $159.99.



What it provides to you:

Everything from the Gold Steelbook Edition

Season Pass


Art Cards

Art Book

Another Steelbook

Game’s Official Soundtrack

28.7″ BAYEK Figruine

Premium Eagle Skull Emulet

Certificate of Authenticity

4 Lithographs (15″*11″)

Packaged in a blue Collectible Box


Want to buy this Edition?? Be ready to loose your pocket as it is priced at a whooping sum of $799.99 and also there are only 999 units made as it is certified Collector Edition.


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