iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 will feature a Redesigned Glass body and bigger screen

It’s been 10 years since first iPhone has been launched. From those previous three generations they haven’t changed the looks of iPhone, not even a bit. So, Apple want to celebrate their 10th year anniversary in style. And that is confirmed by new leaks and rumors. They point new iPhone 8 will feature a redesigned glass body rather than aluminium chassis featured in former iPhones. The glass will be built around a polished stainless steel frame that’s similar in design to the Apple Watch.

iPhone 8 Rumors:

It is also rumored that there will be no longer a physical home button instead it will be virtual button. Also, Touch Id fingerprint sensor will be implemented within the display . Earlier it came out that company has trouble implementing Touch Id into display but that may have overcome it. Apple iPhone 8 is also rumored to feature an edge to edge to edge display and it will be 2.5D display just like it’s predecessor because they still haven’t figure out how to make screen more curvier just like Samsung S7. (Oh, poor Apple!!!).

Moreover, it is expected that Apple iPhone 8 will feature improved water resistant which will be able to protect it from heavy rain and splashes and yes it will have wireless charging. While, it is confirmed that it will include faster A11 processor chip which will be faster and powerful as well.

Besides, bigger screen is one of the hottest of them all. Because Apple never intended to make bigger screen but with tough competition from Samsung S series and new player One Plus, they have not much of an option. It is rumored to feature 5’7 OLED Display which will be the biggest iPhone till now.

Moreover, it is worthy to note that these rumors are in constant state of flux and they change with time , Kidding huh!! Stay tuned for updates on Apple iPhone 8.

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